Free Annuity Calculators: Where to Find Them

One of the great things about the Internet for people who are interested in annuity plans is that you can find a number of free annuity calculators online. In most cases, the free annuity calculators found on the web make certain assumptions about withdrawal rates and timing of contributions that may not reflect your actual situation.

For example, annuity-based calculators generally assume a flat withdrawal amount, despite the fact that many individuals tend to want withdrawals that increase gradually, year by year, to keep pace with inflation.

Also, these free annuity calculators are not meant to describe specific insurance products, but only offer general illustrations of plan features, such as the tax-deferral figures in a variable annuity program.

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Examples of Free Annuity Calculations

A free annuity calculator will generally let you solve for the total amount, annual amount, number of years, and interest rate. Consider the following examples using our Future Value Annuity Calculator:

If you want to know how much money you will have after a period of 10 years with a $10,000 premium and $500 monthly contributions, simply fill out the fields with these numbers, and add an appropriate interest rate, like 6%. Click the "calculate" button to see the results, with a graph of your earnings over time. The answer in this case would be: $34,581.

If you wanted to know what interest rate you’d need to get to end up with $1,000,000 in 30 years, starting with an initial investment of $100,000, simply plug in the numbers, indicate a zero monthly contribution, and click "calculate". Now keep changing the interest rate field until the final total comes out to $1,000,000, which in this case occurs at 7.7% -- a realistic rate.

Types of Online Annuity Calculators

The Annuity Contribution Calculator available lets you determine how much you need to place in tax-deferred account in order to have a specific future amount and how much your expected withdrawal would be. Other annuity calculators use data, including the starting principal dollar amount, growth rate percentage, number of years to payout, and whether your payouts will occur at the beginning or end of each year, to calculate your annual payout amount.

There are several online annuity calculators available on our site, helping you determine yields of fixed, variable, and equity indexed annuities. Visit our general Annuity Calculators page to find links like the Future Vale Annuity Calculator and Immediate Annuity Calculator.

More Online Annuity Calculators

Free web-based annuity calculators can also be found at:

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