Hartford Annuities: Shopping by Carrier

Hartford Life Annuities offer many benefits. These include  tax-deferral, a guaranteed death benefit, and a lifetime income. The Hartford  Life Annuities available have two phases, an accumulation phase and an  annuitization phase.

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Benefits of Investing in Hartford Life Annuities

One of the chief benefits is the deferral of taxes on all  interest, dividends, and capital gains accumulated in the annuity plan.  Investors are not taxed on the assets in the plan until they access the money.  This means they could gain more in an annuity than in a taxable investment that  has the same return rate. Another advantage is the guaranteed death benefit,  which allows annuity owners to pass plan proceeds to a named beneficiary. These  guarantees are based on Hartford Life Insurance and Annuity Insurance Company’s  ability to pay, not on the investment performance or security of investment  options. And the big one: income for life. The choice from among a variety of  payout options includes one that will provide guaranteed lifelong payouts.

Types of Annuities from Hartford Life

Hartford Life Insurance and Annuity Insurance Company offers several kinds of plans, including variable annuities, fixed annuities, and income annuities.

Variable annuities are long-term investments designed to provide asset growth potential via a portfolio of equities managed by  professionals. Savings accumulate on a tax-free basis, offering the potential  for a lifelong, increasing income. The variable annuities offered by Hartford  Life include the Hartford Leaders Suite, the Director M Suite, and the Putnam  Hartford Capital Manager Suite.

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Hartford’s fixed annuity plans, which are dependable and  convenient for long-term investing, include the CRC Select plan, the Compound  Rate Contract plan, and the Saver Plus.   These plans allow investors to defer paying taxes on earning until  monies are withdrawn, They also provide guaranteed rates over a time period  selected by the investor. The annuities are designed to provide reliable asset  growth so investors can make plans for the future. The choice of rate period  offered to the investor means that investments can easily be matched to  specific goals. These plans also provide access to income if needed for  emergencies. All the fixed annuity plans available from Hartford Life are  issued by a highly rated insurance company.

Income  annuities offer a way to receive safe and guaranteed retirement income. These  plans are designed to provide dependable income, ensure that retirees do not  outlive their money, and payments for essential expenses. The income annuity  plans from Hartford Life include the Hartford Income Annuity, the Hartford  Single Income plan, and the Hartford Income Security Director Immediate  Variable Annuity plan. These income annuities can be tailored to the particular  needs of investors.

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