ING Annuities: Shopping by Carrier

ING specializes in retirement investments and life insurance. ING offers a range annuity products, including fixed, variable, equity index, and immediate. ING also offers universal, term, and variable life insurance policies. ING annuities are diverse, with the firm itself noting: the “typical” annuity customer does not exist.

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ING Company Summary

A new company as far as insurers go, ING was founded in 1991 as a merge between Nationale-Nederlanden and NMB Postbank Group. ING is headquartered in the Netherlands and is the 5th largest life insurance and retirement service provider in the U.S.. ING is a high-rated insurer:

  • A.M. Best rating: A+
  • S&P rating: AA-
  • Moody's rating: Aa3
  • Fitch rating: AA-

ING Fixed Annuities

ING offers two main types of fixed annuity: the ING MutliSet Plus and the ING Guaranteed Choice annuities. Both are single premium deferred annuities, growing money on a tax-deferred basis until withdrawal, with a minimum guarantee rate that ensures your investment grows regardless of market conditions. ING fixed annuities are appropriate for individuals who want to obtain tax-deferred asset growth, lock in a fixed rate of return, and know the exact amount accruing to their investment. Fixed annuities are an ideal retirement savings vehicle.

ING Index Annuities

ING offers more than six unique types of equity indexed annuity. The ING Secure Index Five, for example, is deferred-growth with a 5 year surrender period. Designed for those who want a minimum, guaranteed return on their investment but also want to benefit from good market performance, ING index annuities are mid-way between fixed and variable. Index annuities provide a potentially higher return rate because they depend on the performance of a market index, such as the Standard & Poor’s 500.

ING Variable Annuities

The ING Golden Select Variable Annuity plan allow you to participate in the market and control where and how your money is invested. This plans offers living, withdrawal, and death benefits. Suitable for people who want tax-deferred growth over the long term, ING variable annuities offer unlimited growth potential. As with all variable annuities, however, there is an inherent market risk. Your account balance may fall if the market drops.

ING Immediate Annuities

An ING Single Premium Immediate Annuity is designed to transform a lump sum of money into a never-end stream of guaranteed income. This plan does not accumulate earnings, but provides a series of regular income payments that begin immediately and last until a specified date. The most attractive feature of this annuity is the lifetime income option, which can guarantee a fixed monthly as long as you live. ING immediate annuities are appropriate for individuals who have already retired or are looking to retire soon.

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