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When you know you need a steady source of income to meet future financial hurdles, like retirement or paying for a child’s college tuition, an immediate annuity offers benefits like no other investment vehicle.. If you have a single large sum of money from the sale of a house, a bonus or severance, a retirement pay-out or a maturing Certificate of Deposit, an immediate annuity can assure its safety and stable growth – ultimately extending your purchasing power. An immediate annuity grows at a rate fixed and begins regular payments thirty days after purchase. In some cases, the buyer may defer the first payment, but payments must begin within 13 months of the purchase date. An immediate annuity also reduces tax liability because earnings are taxable only once withdrawn.

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An immediate annuity provides stable, secure income; and, if you choose, the annuity will guarantee payments for your entire lifetime and continue making them to your surviving spouse and heirs. As secure as Certificates of Deposit and Treasury notes, immediate annuities have higher interest rates. In deciding which investment best meets your needs, gather and compare immediate annuity quotes from high rated annuity providers.

Searching for immediate annuity quotes online, you have three tools at your command: calculators, comparison tables, and quote requests. The first two tools allow you to search the internet independently; using the third tool, you request a broker’s assistance. 

More than a dozen reliable, reputable websites feature “immediate annuity quote calculators.” Entering information about your age, life expectancy, and preferred payout period, the calculator estimates how much monthly income you will receive and how much principal you will have to invest in order to receive the monthly income you need. More sophisticated immediate annuity calculators allow you to set and adjust finer parameters, so that you may set your preferred rate of return and compare monthly payments with and without cost-of-living adjustments.

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Purchasing an annuity is a big decision. Online research is a good start, but prudent investors should discuss all their options and risks with an independent financial advisor. Request a free, no-obligation consultation today, along with a report of current rates on brand-name annuities.

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More accurate and comprehensive than immediate annuity calculators, comparison charts offer detailed feature-by-feature analyses of top-performing annuities. Scrutinizing these charts enables you to frame comparisons and contrasts according to initial investment, life expectancy, and payout term. The charts frequently outline tiny details in different annuity contracts.

Although an immediate annuity which provides lifetime income with rights of survivorship guarantees that you and your spouse cannot outlive your income, the monthly payments are considerably less than those from annuities with shorter terms. Many professions no longer mandate retirement, so that many people continue working, investing and saving well into their seventies and eighties. People who have postponed retirement may derive more benefit from immediate annuities that pay steadily for fifteen or twenty years.

When comparing immediate annuity quotes online, look for the best overall contract, assessing not only monthly payments and total yields but also bonus rates, surrender charges, and maintenance costs. Examine the difference between monthly payments on a twenty-year annuity and a lifetime annuity. Then, hold that difference next to a reasonable assessment of your life expectancy, framing a well-informed choice.

Free Annuity offers immediate annuity quotes customized to your needs and specifications. Minimize concern about biased comparisons and high-pressure sales by completing the vast majority of the detailed research independently. When you finish the independent research and feel ready for professional assistance, we can put you in contact with a trustworthy broker in your area who represents the companies you prefer. Request an immediate annuity quote online, and the broker will send detailed product information and more rate comparisons. As you send your request, we protect your privacy and objectivity.

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