Metlife Annuities: Shopping by Carrier

Metlife — full name: Metropolitan Life — offers a wide assortment of financial and insurance products, including mutual funds, annuities, estate planning, education planning, and portfolio management. As far as annuities products, Metlife deals in all types, including fixed, variable, immediate, deferred, and equity indexed.

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Metlife Company Summary

Metlife is one of the oldest insurers in the United States, founded in 1868. Also the top life insurance firm in the U.S., Metlife handles nearly $3 trillion worth of insurance capital. Metlife is a top-rated insurer.

  • A.M. Best rating: A+
  • S&P rating: AA
  • Moody's rating: Aa2
  • Fitch rating: A+

Deferred Annuities from MetLife

Deferred annuities have a savings and investment phase and an income phase. During the savings and investment period, tax-deferred earnings accumulate, and annuity owners usually have access to this money. In the income phase, the account balance is converted to a guaranteed income stream meant to last throughout the owner’s lifetime.

There are two types of deferred annuities: the deferred fixed annuity, which provides a stable and fixed return on investment, and the deferred variable annuity, which offers greater flexibility and larger investment returns.

MetLife Deferred Annuity Products

The Preference Guaranteed Select Deferred Fixed Annuity guarantees a lifelong stream of income and protects annuity owners from market volatility. Owners can accumulate cash on a tax-deferred basis, get a guaranteed interest rate, and have the flexibility to access funds when necessary.

The Preference Flex Select Deferred Fixed Annuity allows flexible contributions and offers a four-percent, first-year interest rate bonus, plus a guaranteed interest rate for one year.

The Preference Plus Select Deferred Variable Annuity allows plan owners to decide when and how they want to receive their retirement income and offers a variety of optional benefits at no extra charge for added customization.

Immediate Annuities from MetLife

Immediate annuities are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have already retired or who are nearing retirement. These plans provide payouts shortly after they are purchased. They are usually purchased with a single payment, which is converted to an income stream designed to last a defined number of years. Payments optionally may be passed to a beneficiary after the owner’s death.

There are two types of immediate annuities: fixed, which provides a predictable stream of income, and variable, which offers investment flexibility.

MetLife Immediate Annuity Products

The MAX Income annuity provides tax-advantaged, guaranteed income as long as it is needed, either for a specific number of years, or for the lifetime of the plan owner. The Preference Plus Income Advantage (PPIA) is an immediate variable annuity in which an individual may choose to receive variable income payments or a combination of variable and fixed income payments.

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