Arkansas Annuity

The Arkansas Insurance Department is located at 1200 West Third St., Little Rock, AR 72201. The Department can be reached by calling (510) 371-2600 or 1 (800) 282-9134.
The Department provides information for consumers on all kinds of insurance products and insurance companies.  The Finance Division provides consumers with financial statements and a checklist of other filings.

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Arkansas Insurance Commissioner

In January of 2009, Jay Bradford was appointed as Arkansas Insurance Commissioner. With over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, Commissioner Bradford has focused on customer service and consumer protection. Prior to becoming the Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Bradford was the Director of the Division of Behavioral Health Services for the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Mr. Bradford has also served in the Arkansas Legislature, where he was elected Speaker Pro Tempore of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate. Throughout his years of public service, Commissioner Bradford has received numerous awards, including the 2006 Arkansas Business Executive of the Year.  Commissioner Bradford graduated from Henderson State College with a BA in Economics and Psychology.

Arkansas Annuity Resources

The Arkansas Insurance Department website at offers investors several downloadable brochures that provide information about life insurance policies and life insurance investment options. It does not provide annuity investors with specific brochures about annuities. However, in the Consumer Services Division, consumers can find links to all of the insurance companies that do business within the state of Arkansas. Consumers can then choose to either contact the Insurance Department or the life insurance company directly.

Capital: Little Rock
State Commissioner: Jay Bradford
Insurance Hotline: (501) 371-2600
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $300,000
Links: Charitable Gift Annuities