Maine Annuity

The mission of the Bureau of Insurance of the State of Maine is to protect and serve the public by regulating the insurance industry.  It accomplishes this by licensing insurance companies and agents, performing exams and conducting audits, reviewing rates and forms, investigating complaints, educating consumers about the rights and responsibilities they have under Maine law, and sponsoring programs that promote awareness of those laws.

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Maine Insurance Commissioner

The Superintendent of Insurance for the state of Maine is Mila Kofman.  Prior to this appointment, Ms. Kofman was an Associate Research Professor and Project Director at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute.  She has been published in and interviewed by numerous publications and press.  Her work at the U.S. Department of Labor between 1997 and 2001 resulted in the legislation and implementation of HIPPAA and related laws.  Appointed Special Assistant to the Senior Health Care Advisor to the President at the White House, she worked on legislative and regulatory concerns such as the Patient's bill of Rights.  Ms. Kofman received her BA from the University of Maryland and her J.D. from Georgetown University.

Maine Annuity Resources

The Bureau of Insurance website provides annuity investors with information regarding the types of annuities available, suitability, sales and disclosure practices and other pertinent facts investors need when considering an annuity.  The site also has a number of tools and numbers consumers can utilize to learn more about annuities.  To learn more about how the Maine Bureau of Insurance works with and protects consumers interested in annuities, visit the website at


Capital: Augusta
State Commissioner: Mila Kofman
Insurance Hotline: (207) 624-8475
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Links: Equity Indexed Annuities