Montana Annuity

The Montana Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance oversees both the securities and insurance industries in the state of Montana. Unlike other insurance departments in the United States, this office is a criminal justice agency that serves to protect Montana consumers through regulation and education. The office is located in Helena, MT, at 840 Helena Ave. The office can be reached by calling (406) 444-2040.

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Montana Insurance Commissioner

Monica J. Lindeen has been the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor since November of 2008. She is committed to providing Montana families and businesses with the best possible insurance coverage. Commissioner Lindeen currently serves on several National Association of Insurance Commissioners boards and task forces. Ms. Lindeen has also served the people of Montana in the State House of Representatives. Elected in 1999, she served a total of four terms. Ms. Lindeen is the founder and owner of Montana Communications Network, one of the first local Internet providers in the state. She has also been a part-time faculty member at Montana State University in Billings. She holds a B.S. of Education in English/History and has completed graduate coursework.

Montana Annuity Resources

Annuity investors in the state of Montana may benefit from reviewing the Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance website at Because the department oversees both securities and insurance, investors will be provided with a unique perspective on annuity resources. This is especially important for annuity investors interested in variable annuities that invest in securities.

Capital: Helena
State Commissioner: Monica J. Lindeen
Insurance Hotline: (406) 444-2040
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Links: Annuities and Insurance