Nevada Annuity

The Nevada Division of Insurance has recently moved.  The new address is 1818 E. College Pkwy, Suite 103, Carson City, NV 89706.  The job of the division, however, has not changed.  With over 2,000 companies licensed in the state of Nevada to sell insurance products, it is up to the division to ensure these companies are operating with the limits of the legislation that has been passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor, along with making sure that the companies are financially solvent.

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Nevada Insurance Commissioner

Brett J. Barratt was appointed Commissioner of the Nevada Division of Insurance in July of 2010.  Commissioner Barratt is committed to making sure that his agency provides consumers with responsive and consistent regulation.  Before becoming the division's commissioner, Mr. Barratt was the Chief Insurance Assistant for the Division.  He started at the Division in 2005, serving as Insurance Counsel and Hearing Officer.  A graduate of Westminster College and the Michigan State University College of Law, Commissioner Barratt joined the Nevada Bar Association in 2003.

Nevada Annuity Resources

Nevada residents seeking annuity resources can do so at the Division of Insurance website at  The Division offers numerous articles regarding annuities but has no direct link to the information from the home page.  To find information about annuities, residents will need to enter their search terms in the "Site Search" section.  Once the term is entered, searchers will more than likely find the information they are looking for.  Articles range from the definition of terms to tax information to the financial stability of insurance companies that sell annuities in the state of Nevada.

Capital: Carson City
State Commissioner: Brett J. Barratt
Insurance Hotline: (775) 687-4270
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Links: F.A.Q.