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The Ohio Department of Insurance is responsible for regulating and overseeing all insurance related business. The mission of the Ohio Department of Insurance is to: "provide consumer protection through education and fair but vigilant regulation while promoting a stable and competitive environment for insurers."

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Ohio Insurance Commissioner

Mary Jo Hudson was appointed by Governor Ted Strickland to join his cabinet on December 21, 2006 and officially took office as the 46th Director of the Ohio Department of Insurance on January 8, 2007. Prior to her appointment as Director of the Department of Insurance, Hudson served on Columbus City Council from 2004 to 2006. While Mary Jo Hudson has been in office, and with collaboration of its internal divisions and with other state agencies, the department has increased its efforts to protect the seniors of Ohio from predatory insurance sales practices directed towards the seniors. You can read more about Mary Jo Hudson's achievements and goals here.

Ohio Annuity Resources

The Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) was officially created on March 12, 1872 and James H. Godman and James Williams were appointed the Superintendents of the ODI. Since that day, there have been 34 other superintendents that have preceded the current Mary Jo Hudson. In Ohio the Department and superintendent are in charge of consumer affairs, medicare services, agent/agency services ,and health care reform. If your interested in finding out more about the ODI or if your interested in getting Insurance and annuity information, all Ohio residents are encouraged to contact the Ohio Department of Insurance by calling 1-800-686-1526. Free information can also be obtained at www.healthcarereform.ohio.gov and www.insurance.ohio.gov.


Capital: Columbus
State Commissioner: Mary Jo Hudson
Insurance Hotline: (614) 644-2658
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Website: http://www.insurance.ohio.gov
Links: Life and Annuities Info