West Virginia Annuity

The Consumer Services Division is part of the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner. The Division is responsible for providing assistance to residents who have questions or problems with insurance. The Division seeks to resolve disputes between insurers and consumers in a timely and effective manner. The Offices of the Insurance Commissioner are located at One Players Club Drive, Third Floor in Charleston, West Virginia.

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West Virginia Insurance Commissioner

Jane L. Cline became the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner in January of 2001. Commissioner Cline is the President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and also serves as the Chair of the Management Committee of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission. She has held numerous leadership positions with NAIC. Prior to her appointment as commissioner, she ran a consulting firm and served as Commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. Before that, Commissioner Cline was the Deputy Commissioner for the West Virginia Division of Highways.

West Virginia Annuity Resources

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner website (http://www.wvinsurance.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=38) has done a very good job of providing annuity consumers with the information they need to make informed decisions about purchasing annuities. While some of the information is geared toward providing life insurance companies with the information they need regarding regulation and legislation, the documents will be very helpful for investors as well. As there is often much mystery regarding how annuity contracts work, who can sell them and the rate of return, the downloadable documents on the site present the information clearly and thoroughly.

Capital: Charleston
State Commissioner: Jane L. Cline
Insurance Hotline: (304) 558-3394
Annuity Guarantee Limit: $100,000
Website: http://www.wvinsurance.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=38
Links: Consumer Services